The Story:

A young woman named Mira finds herself the victim of a mysterious demon, kidnapped from her home and abandoned in the strange new world of Aligoth. Demons have crawled out of the dark corners of land, and humanity has lost its protectors. They need a savior, but Mira doesn’t see how or why it should be her. All she wants is to find a way home before she gets killed.

Demon Heart is a serial story that updates at noon(eastern time) on Monday and Thursday. It represents first draft work with minimal editing, and is planned to run for approximately a year before finishing.


The Author:

D.E. Sherman is an American author who has been writing for over a decade. He writes fantasy with a focus on darker elements, and his current work is no exception to that.


The banner:

Artwork by MonoriRogue. Find more of his work at http://monorirogue.deviantart.com/